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Our funds will go towards:

Providing equipment for the care and lifestyle specifically for teenagers with cancer in the East Midlands. Supporting the development of a Teenage Cancer Unit, through the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Recent discussions with a number of key partners, including The Teenage Cancer Trust, Mid Trent Cancer network and the NHS trusts, involved have become very positive with an overall plan to develop a dedicated adolescent unit in Nottingham; to incorporate in-patient beds and out-patient facilities, information services and resources that will also act as a base for outreach and support services that will link with other hospitals and community services throughout the Mid Trent area (this includes Derby, Nottingham and Lincolnshire)

To provide help and support to teenagers with cancer and their families to relieve the stress and hardship during a difficult time

Please find below some more information about our partner the Teenage Cancer Trust
(all words kindly supplied by the TCT from their website: www.teenagecancertrust.org )

The facts

Each day in the UK, 6 teenagers will find out they have cancer. That is over 2,200 new diagnoses each year. More often than not, these young people get a raw deal, receiving hospital treatment in inappropriate facilities alongside children or older people. In many cases, cancer in teens is not picked up early enough and symptoms are dismissed as growing pains or sports injuries. Because teenagers are undergoing growth spurts, their cancers grow faster than other age groups and they can be at greater risk.
Cancer is more common than you think – it is the most common cause of non-accidental death in teens and young adults in the UK. By the age of 15 you have a 1 in 600 chance of developing cancer. By the age of 24 you will have had a 1 in 285 chance of developing cancer. In the last 30 years the incidence of cancer in the teenage and young adult group has increased by 50% and for the first time ever, the number of teens with cancer now exceeds the number of children with cancer.
Teenage and young adult patients in this age group have particular needs that are different to those of adults and children. They need specialist care because of the rarity of the tumours they get and also for the particular psychological and social problems they experience. Their lives are changing; moving from education to the world of work and to have cancer on top of that can be a very difficult time for them.


the work of TCT

The charity focuses on the needs of teenagers and young adults with cancer, leukemia, Hodgkin’s and related diseases by providing specialist teenage units in NHS hospitals. The units are dedicated areas for teenage patients, who are involved in their concept and creation. Medical facilities on the units are second-to-none and they are colorful and vibrant environments, equipped with computers, TVs, game consoles – places where friends and family feel comfortable to visit.
To date, TCT has built 8 units in London (2 sites), Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle and Manchester. We are also in discussion with an additional 15 trusts (see map). It is anticipated that the concentration of medical expertise within these units can improve chances of recovery by 15%. Units are costing over £1 million each to build and TCT must complete at least 20 units in the UK so that every teenager and young adult with cancer in the UK has access to these facilities.
Since TCT was established, the charity’s work has expanded dramatically. As well as an Education and Awareness team with a vibrant schools programme providing information, education and advice that reaches pupils all over the UK, we fund and organise a multidisciplinary forum for professionals to ensure information and best practice sharing. We sponsor a teenage conference, Find Your Sense of Tumour, an International Conference on Cancer and the Adolescent and have just appointed the world’s first Professor of Adolescent Cancer Medicine.

What does it cost to build a unit?
    • £100,000 to fully equip a patient’s bedroom. This includes: an electric bed; interactive patient-controlled computer systems providing lighting control, web access, DVD download facility, networked with other patients’ rooms, school and home; en suite bathroom; parent’s bed settee and furnishings.
    • £50,000 Chill out room - a therapeutic environment including music system, interactive lighting controls, aromatherapy facilities
    • £50,000 Music room, including music mixing equipment, a synthesiser and musical instruments for music therapy.
    • £25,000 Salary and expenses of Education and Awareness Officer for educational input to schools and universities
    • £20,000 Fitted kitchen diner for teenagers
    • £20,000 1 year’s salary and costs for an Activity Co-ordinator to help young people remain positive and occupied during lengthy hospital treatment
    • £10,000 Furnishing parents’ lounge/diner
    • £7,000 Production of schools information pack and mail-out to 7000 schools and universities
    • £2,500 Computer system
    • £2,000 Patient controlled electric bed, essential during periods of critical illness
    • £1,600 Laptop computer
    • £1,000 Music Centre
    • £1,000 Flat screen TV
    • £650 Bed settee for relatives to stay overnight

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