VW Action 2009
4th - Sep - 2009


What a stormer of a weekend, we got to Santa pod Thursday evening to set up and boy was it windy and cold!! But we survived that and got up early friday morning to set up. The sun was out but it was still windy. That windy that our cooking gazebo decided to turn itself into a kite. Off it went until we managed to stop it, but it was to late and ended up in the bin. The tattoo bus that we have made friends with donated one of there gazebos which was cool. Thanks Mark!!!and helped us put it up
Friday is always a setting up day but by teatime we were trading away and we never stopped all over the weekend. There was so much going off we didn't get time to take a breather. A couple we knew were getting married on the start line on the Saturday, then the gangster car was being hit with a hammer for a donation to us. The new raffle prize the baja was used for the club games bug push all this while still trading. You can imagine how busy it was!!!
Saturday night came and we went back stage to enjoy Oasist and the very welcome return of our friend Jenson de groover. Great to see him back where he belongs. Near the end Jenson put on Brads song. Cheer up sleepy Jean and the brads crew got on stage to strut their stuff, was really cool and emotional.
Sunday morning came and again the busy trading started. We all had our roles and we got on with it as we do. Brian did the auction for us and what a job he did. He made 2220 for us with the VW crowd again being so generous.
Added to this a guy called Gal had his bits waxed raising initially 115.50 for us. Chris Bray had his very long hair cut then shaved and raised money for us. The newly weds Nic and Paul sold a piece of their wedding cake and also friends and guests had a collection raising 148 for brads. The volkszone guys and guys did a bucket shake in fancy dress and collected a massive 426.92
The gangster car made 250 before podzilla drove over it, condeming it to be recycled. We cannot thank all you guys enough you really are the best, and it is a privilage knowing you all!!!!The Baja club came over to us handing us 233.72 for giving rides on the off road course.Thanks guys!
We cannot thank Brian and Brett and the action crew for making us all feel so welcome and for putting on in our opinion the BEST show on the VW calender. Roll on next year.

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