3rd - Sep - 2010


Santa Pod Raceway

This years theme is Christmas.
September 3-4-5 2010


Last year many people bade farewell to the 'Chop Shop Gangster Car' in their own way, 'giving it a whack for Brads', which helped the show raise a substantial sum for the charity. This was a fantastic exercise, but left us with a problem of how we could possibly match last years figure.

The outcome of our 'brainstorming' session, is 'Bradís Buckaroo'. The prize for the most boxes piled onto the roof rack of a Bug, is two VIP passes to Big Bang or VW Action 2011.

Along the lines of the Hasbro Buckaroo game, youíll need to load as many boxes as possible onto the roof of a Bug, without the spring loaded mechanism ejecting the entire contents all over the place. OK, this is by no means as satisfying as whacking that monstrosity from Chop Shop (the car, not Bernie wossisname) but quite a laugh all the same. The Buckaroo action will be taking place in front of the Bradís Cancer Foundation trade stand throughout each day of the show.

Please also check out the BRAD'S CHARITY AUCTION.


In aid of Brad's Cancer Foundation

We had a fantastic response to the VW Action auction in 2009, and also in 2009, Brad's Cancer Foundation achieved a major milestone, handing over a cheque to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Every year traders and individuals donate or make great items for the auction, and whilst it is quite gratifying to know that on the day, they made a good price, we must thank everyone who has had any involvement in supporting Brad's. These donations at the auction, the sales from the Bradís trade stand, raffles, trashing the 'Gangster' car, the Koolest Kroozes and the many other various activities, meant that to support a dedicated teenage unit in Nottingham Hospital, the aforementioned cheque was for the staggering sum of £100,000.00.

It is genuinely emotional this year, to write that thanks are due to the generous traders, private individuals, in fact everyone who provided items to be auctioned or bid on them. We hope that this year is another memorable one.

Certainly the generosity of many of the VW Action traders cannot be faulted, as the quality of the items offered are always exceptional. Whilst there are always bargains to be had, we would also like to salute the generosity of many bidders each year who for some items pay 'over the odds' because it is for such a good cause.

In 2008 several companies and individuals customised toilet seats to be auctioned. Last year saw some superbly customised toolboxes. For 2010 we are asking donors to create any unique item. We would like the donated item to reflect you and your interests, as well as to appeal to the VW Action buying public.

If you are big into Skateboarding, maybe a custom decorated or even custom built deck... if you are a musician, maybe a customised instrument. (Basic Ukuleles are pretty cheap). If you have great artistic skills, maybe a piece of VW inspired art. Whatever floats your boat. Details here.

Main Marquee/Main Stage - 1.00pm Sunday

Please also check out the Brad's Buckaroo.

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