Brads 67 Beetle
2011-04-20 10:10:00
This year as part of our fund raising efforts we have kindly been donated a stunning 1967 VW Beetle.

We were approached earlier this year by Trevor Wilson of the London & Thames Valley VW Club with the very moving story from one of the club members.

This is what Martin, the Beetle, owner wrote:

"Following a 3 year illness, I lost my Dad to cancer in November 2000

Then in July 2008, my younger brother, Simon, was stabbed to death.

After a very difficult time leading up to, and since the trial in May 2009, my Mum and I are trying to make 2011 a more positive year.

I have owned VW Bugs for many years and my most recent car was a rare 1967 1500 Beetle. After spending many enjoyable hours working on the Bug, it has remained locked away in a garage during the last few years.

But instead of letting the car gather dust or selling it in a local paper, I thought it would be a great idea to raise money for charity, and also try and benefit the LTV VW Club (of which I have been a member for a number of years).

The opportunity to meet new people, be involved in a worthwhile and exciting new Project has helped give me a new sense of purpose in 2011.

Having had the pleasure of meeting Trevor during 2010 the idea for the 2011 Brads Bug Project was born.

Involvement in such a Project will surely provide nice memories for years to come.

People sometimes think I must be crazy to donate such a nice car. But I have not regretted the decision for one second. I feel it is such a nice thing to be able to do.
My brother would be proud and if he were around he would certainly get involved with the publicity and the shows!

And each person buying raffle tickets will not only be able to contribute to a very worthwhile cause, but they will also stand a good chance of winning a lovely, tidy, rare and fun '67 Bug!

I look forward to the shows, I hope we can raise a lot of money for the Brads cancer Foundation, and I look forward to handing over the keys to the lucky winner.
I am sure they will get as much fun driving the '67 as I did.

Martin Dean
Feb 18 2011"

As we said before a very moving story and a wonderfully genorous gesture by Martin, for which we are immensely appreciative.

Also thanks to VW Heritage who have once again sponsored us with this event.

To win this fantastic car, we will be selling raffle tickets at 2 each throughout the VW show season of 2011 and at various other events and outlets (see our events page for further details).

With the draw taking place at VW Action on Sunday 4th September 2011, hopefully the winning ticket holder will be there to drive it home.

Good luck folks as they say " you've got to be in it to win it"

for full terms and conditins please email

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