Brads Bus winner 2006/07
2007-05-02 09:27:00
Paul Utting had put a lot of effort into sourcing a replacement prize for the raffle, and his diligence paid off when he found an advert for a T25 Autoholmes conversion 1.9 water-cooled VW camper. Unfortunately the vehicle was located in the New Forest, however it seemed too good an opportunity to miss out on so Paul and Mick set out for the south coast to have a look. First impressions were good and after a quick test drive the deal was struck and Paul headed back up to Nottingham at the wheel.

The van drove lovely and almost managed to convert Paul into swapping his Samba!!! (well nearly).

The van was in good nick for a vehicle of that age with just a few dints & dings and a couple of customary rusty bits. The van was then delivered to Richard Barker at Dead dubs who carried out the repairs and then resprayed the whole bus for us.

During this time Paul has been in touch with Joyce McKenzie the winner keeping her updated with the progress of the minor renovations. Then the time came when the bus was ready. Paul and Mick discussed the planned delivery/presentation of the Bus to Joyce and when Paul said that Joyce lived in Stahtpeffer, Inverness we couldn???t believe that the bus was going that far.

Paul had a chat with Joyce and she was happy to collect the van from Nottingham and a plan was hatched for her and her brother to fly down. Paul managed to book flights from Inverness to East Midlands for the extortionate sum of ??2.99 each!!!.

After a nights stay in Nottingham, Paul collected Joyce and her brother Donald and brought them back to his house where we were waiting, stopping on the way to tax the bus, again thank you for the Insurance kindly donated by Just Kampers.

Joyce was absolutely overjoyed with the van, well worth the ??2 investment in the raffle ticket bought for her by one of her friends in London, certainly a well travelled story here. After a tour of the bus ,and seeing all the goodies supplied by Just Kampers, Joyce asked if we minded if they named the bus 'Brad', a nice touch that seemed fitting.

The keys were presented and Joyce is now the very proud owner of a T25 called 'Brad', through her beaming smile she was walking about how much her family were looking forward to going out in the van.

Joyce and Donald's plan was to drive up to Scarborough that day and stay overnight visiting family and seeing her new grandchild. Paul rang Joyce on Monday evening to see how she and Donald were and to make sure they were home safe and sound.

'Brad' had got them home safe and sound and Donald didn???t even want to share the driving as he enjoyed it that much. Joyce has already started on some new curtains for the bus and making plans for their first camping trip in 'Brad'.

Once again we at Brads would like to thank everyone involved for all of their hard work and efforts, to all who supported us selling and buying tickets, to all who donated time and materials, thank you

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