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2007-08-17 16:16:00
Win this fabulous VW Karmann Ghia

A couple of weeks ago we received an e-mail via the website from a gentleman asking us if we would be interested in a VW Karmann Ghia.

It certainly grabbed our attention as Brad was a big fan of vintage air cooled VWs, and as a group of family and friends we have had many good times over the past few years at the VW shows held throughout the summer season.

Following up the e-mail, we went to meet Mr Jim Lee in Nottingham, and to have our first look at the vehicle.

Jim explained that he had met some of the Brads team at the Run to the Hills VW show near Matlock in August 2006 and was impressed with the things he learnt about Brad and also about the charity and what our aims are.

Over the next few months he had his cherished car up for sale as his personal/work circumstances had changed and he felt he no longer had enough time to look after his Ghia. Jim bought the vehicle 10 years ago and has had it serviced and used and enjoyed it regularly. After having the Ghia up for sale for a short time Jim decided to make the wonderful gesture of donating the car free of charge to Brads Cancer Foundation, to help raise funds, with all proceeds going directly to help teenagers with cancer.

We will be selling raffle tickets for the car over the next 12months with the draw to be held at VW Action 2008 (date to be confirmed soon).

The tickets will be 2 and we are hoping to sell as many as possible. The tickets will be available at RTTH 2007, and VW Action 2007, please see sponsors page for more information about these shows. Also we will be attending as many VW shows throughout the 2008 season with the tickets on sale and taking the car along for you all to have a look at and give the tyres a good kick.

We will list the agents, shops and other outlets that will be helping sell tickets on this page shortly.

Tickets will also be available via this website as soon as we can get the PayPal account details linked up. In the mean time you can contact us at for more details.

About the car:

VW Karmann Ghia 1971 left hand drive import. It has a reconditioned VEGE engine that has done approximately 34K miles. It is fully taxed and tested until June 2008

We have had the car looked at by Paul Guild at the Bus & Beetle Depot in Nottingham who is an vintage air cooled VW specialist, to give a full and comprehensive report on the car and he has come up with the list below, as you can see it is mostly cosmetic stuff.

The lucky winner will receive the vehicle fully taxed and MOTd, also with an engine service and a general check over of all the running gear etc. The car will be presented as seen now, and throughout the year, with all the bits listed below left as seen, so you get an honest car with no hidden surprises under fresh paint etc.

The list below is exactly how Paul Guild found it, and you must understand that Paul and Brads Cancer Foundation cannot be held responsible for any other problem areas that may have been missed.

The not so good bits are:

Lower front valance slightly corroded needing patch
Edge of bonnet rusty
Headlight bowls slight rust
L shape bracket welded to floor pan/body (easy repair if required as heater channels are in solid condition)
Front panel O/S above grill rusty
Rear wings have rust spots
Lower rear screen area rusty
Engine lid bottom rusty
Rear quarters at bottom near bumper mounts rusty
O/s rear brake back worn through
Wiring untidy

The good bits:

Underside of the car very solid
Under arches and inner wings in excellent condition
Front suspension and steering in very good condition
Suspension beam in very good condition
Doors and heater channels in good solid condition
Engine sounds really good and strong
Brakes seem very good.
Please feel free to look at the Karmann Ghia page in the gallery where we will add more pictures throughout the year and some detailing the rusty bits that we going to treat.

Paul finishes by saying that overall the car needs cosmetic repairs only ( if required ) but generally is in very good condition and very solid and usable as it is.

Thanks go to Paul at the Beetle and Bus Depot for all his help, also to Trevor Wilson Design Ltd for sorting the artwork and tickets out for us and Matt at BluePrint for the vehicle graphics

So there you go, a LHD solid running Karmann Ghia for 2


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