VW Posters by Matt Keeler
2010-03-24 20:12:00
We were approached a few months ago by matt keeler via ivan at volksworld to see if we could team up with some posters that matt keeler design had put together !!
The idea was to commision a 1000 of each and sell at 5 each with 2.50 coming to us and 2.50 going to matt keeler to put towards himself and his dads new rally adventure hopefully in 2012

Further to this vwheritage have very kindly offered to pay for ALL the set up costs of producing the posters aswell as selling them on there websites free of charge to us, how cool is that

The posters will be available from our stall at all the shows we attend and also from vwheritage via there website!

Hopefully they will be for sale at the volksworld show next week ( details to follow )

Anyway hope you like them and hope to see you all very soon.

thanks once again to matt keeler/ivan and the volksworld team and david and the team at heritage for all there help

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